Get Me In The Alley

I don't know if it was the drinking or the what I was watching before I went to bed. A couple weeks ago I had a weird dream that I was walking down the alley and 3 guys came up behind me and raped me. The weird part about it is it was like I was enjoying it, more like I had planned it. This would've made it a gang bang and I was liking it, well anyway, I've been thinking a lot about that night and I'm finding the thought more and more arousing.

I would never engage in a three man party but this dream has got me wondering.

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  • A lot of women have this fantasy. Me and a couple buds have done this a few times. We find a willing woman and sort of compete to please her. It's totally sexy for all involved. We really go at it with the girl and they have always said they had a great time. We do whatever she wants and we do it big time.

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