I am one of those girls that over obsess over twilight, house of night series, all things melissa marr, the immortal series, anything with mytholigical creatures. I obsess over swimming, love , s**,football, food (im not fat), and my friends and if you dont feel the same way about most of the things i named i wont mess with you, i dont even wanna know your name...

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  • My Irial will you ever return to me

  • I fear you are gone but that is for the best. I can use your space to make my own confessions. I dreamt of you. I saw you clearly. You were all alone. I saw how you live. I envy you your creative and fun-filled mind. I wish I could be a part of that. But that is not possible. I have become something that forces me into seclusion. But that seclusion has an odd way of demanding contact with others.

    I observe and more often now I act. Some deep inner instincts take over. The man was evil. He meant others harm and I swooped in. He laughed at me. He mocked my interference but trembled when felt my strength. He begged when he felt no mercy. The observers went from relieved and thankfulness to fear of what I might do to the man. I saw that and let him go. But he was harmed. I felt a rush of adrenaline and righteousness.

    Only later did I wonder if that is who I want to become. His blood was on my clothes and hands as I made my way home. But I saw her and stared. We knew each other but she did not know ME as I have become. She came to me, quiet, her eyes filled with wonder and a hint of hesitation. She saw I was not who she thought I was.

    We spoke, me in my different voice. Calm. Charming. Strong. Confident. "You surprise me," she said in a whisper, running her finger down my cheek. She did not comment on the blood but led my by the hand to her home. She marveled at the new me as I stripped off my clothing. I tried not to be rough. I was as gentle as my body would allow. As wet as she had become it still was an other worldly clench. I then moved with a fury that was outside my control. She bit my shoulder but I felt no pain. Forever passed, it seemed, my strength shifting her body often for new purchase. I felt insatiable, she seemed in a stunned but heightened state of arousal she hadn't felt before.

    I do not want her in my life. But maybe she will reappear and I will have no say.

    I am the wind. Warm and pleasant, then harsh and demanding. I go where I please, I think, but do I? What have I become. Why do I embrace it so?

  • It seems after all this time you are still here , before you called me Ash, but i guess you dont see that i am Leslie and you are my Irial

  • This weekend I tested my strength against a man much larger. He is a bad man. It was easy. I hurt him. I hope not too bad, even though he deserved it. Still, it is a darker side to what I have become. You can hear this ... at a distance. It is better that way. Do what you do. Stay within the confines of your like-minded friends.

  • Cool that you tested you strength , but i hope you didnt hurt whom ever you were testing your strength on

  • No worries, faerie queen. I saw the man again last night but he is no longer what he was. He recoiled in fear upon my recognition. He cowered submissively though I had no interest, only amusement.

    Nobody understands me now, though they seem drawn. I am compelled to retreat as greater understanding envelops me. I feel inside that soon I will have the certitude that will point me toward my heavens, my star, my destiny.

    You give me pause, wearer of the velvet cloak. I am grateful. o|o

  • You see much my Ash. but I am not your Keenan.

  • idk who you are but your awesome ^_^

  • You are a risk-taker. You seek excitement and challenge. You find it exhilarating. Fright is fun. I know you that way. You want more about me? I am a young man, not yet 19. I am ever-changing. I am perhaps the definition of normalcy. Athletic, somewhat smart. I have relationships with many who consider me their friend. But the truth is, that is not who I am becoming. As I said my mind is rapidly developing a clarity that even scares me. My physical abilities are getting greater and greater. I am even growing in size. I have documented this. I was very afraid at first of this. But my mind has captured its meaning. I now embrace it, mostly, but wonder where it is leading. I have strong desires to pull people into my new world but worry about what it would mean for them. Maybe you should be afraid of me because I feel myself pulling at you.

  • im only as risk taker when i feel its worth it, honestly no i still wouldnt be afraid of you.

  • if anything i would be more interested in finding out more about you instead of fearing you.

  • u seem cool i would probably hang out with u 1 time to decide if imma put you in my inner circle or not

  • Thank you but it is you who would need to find your way into my inner circle. I am very protective of what I am becoming. I sate my growing l***. I explore my meaning and I hold few close. I feel your aura and wonder why that is. I do not mean to creep you out but I even can see you a bit in your words. I see conflicted emotions and often confusion yet confidence and strength. Perhaps you would fear me but I believe your mind is clean.

  • I believe I am a vampire. I have many things that point to the truth of that. I obsess over that mostly but also have an extremely high s** drive. So I guess you won't mess with me.

  • what makes you a vampire?

  • It isn't pointy teeth, fear of the dark or a desire for blood. I sometimes find myself transforming into a different sort of human. It always happens at night. I roam the city, mostly dodging contact with people but watching them. I feel the desire to make women my own. I don't know what this means but it does not involve force or any sort of violence. I am stronger, faster and my mind has great clarity when I am in this state. As a test of exactly why I become this thing I have approached different women in safe situations. I speak with a different voice and cadence. In both cases they were very receptive to my attention. They seem transfixed on my words and stared deeply into my eyes. They seemed deeply disappointed when I left. I am not normally like this. I am somewhat shy and soft spoken. It was not me. I call it vampire because from what I have read it has a lot of the same characteristics.

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