I f***** my sister in-law four times

I f***** my sister in-law four times, she loved it but stopped doing it because she was afraid my wife would find out. I would f*** her again if I had the chance

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I asked if I could hug her and she said yes! I told her she was beautiful and I asked if I could maybe see her sometime! She said yes, her husband would just sit around and drink and she was working nights, so she had time during the day! She had a twin sister and said, "We both like to F _ _ _!"
    I told her how good she looked at the last family function and she said her and her sister had worn those short skirts and no panties! I kissed her there at the grocery store, went to the parking lot and she bl_ _ me and we started seeing each other!
    This was heaven for about 10 years, till I met a sweet niece who kinda came on to me and was excited every time we saw each other! When no one was looking she greeted me with a kiss! When we ran into each other in the hallway or other private places, I would kiss and feel her sweet tender body! We were going to meet for her 18th birthday graduation party, but there was a family BBQ beer drinking party where she kinda mentioned it to one of my SILaws, who told the other SILaw and they told our niece! SILaws did not know I was doing both of them and they werjealous that I would do their niece!
    No more PU + S _! But it was fun!! The first SILaw is starting to chill and c** around!!

  • I had s** with my SILaw after waiting about 20 years! Met her when she first got married and we met on the downlow,likea blind date! She said she couldn't f_ _ _ me, but she was meeting new guys about every 2 weeks and getting it on! We moved out of town but connected online and she agreed to meet! Now instead of being a skinny young 18 yr old, she was one beautiful woman! Said she had quit playing, but was aroused and we met at a motel and did it all! We still had a house in town, we were fixing up, so every time I came into town to work on it we did it, at a motel, the house, the car, she was amazing!
    Another SILaw , about 4'6" maybe 80# always dressed provocatively, but we never got a chance to talk... One of those times I had come into town to work on my old house and do my SIL, we ran into each other at the local grocery! I told her I always wanted to talk to her and she said the same thing, but we always had our spouses with us! She was in little shorts and a tank top with her long blond hair !

  • Threesome, get your wife to join

  • Its all fun until someone finds out

  • This is so hot.

  • This is messed up on way too many levels.


  • go you if shes good keep on truckin

  • Just make sure that you pull out

  • Pulling out is no fun! Morning after pill!!

  • i hope you get them both pregnant, then the kids will be cousins and siblings, and you will all get a free trip to the jerry springer show.

  • sounds like it was real good you make me want to f*** her

  • I have also had s** with my sister in law, she came on to me first...

  • You make me sick, I hope the sister in law gives you the drip.

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