I can't stop missing you :(

I think about you from the moment i wake up till the second i fall asleep. I miss you so so much! i know i shouldnt but i do. its been so long since we were together but i still remember everything you ever said to me and everything weve done like it was yesterday. i wish you would talk to me like you used to. how could you just stop talking to someone like that? was everything you told me lies? just when i actually told you i loved you back after holding back. did you just want to be with your friends wife and thats it? did you tell anyone? i miss your lips...you made me so happy. ive been miserable without you to talk to. i just want to talk to you. i want to call you. i want to text you..email..omg im going crazy!!!! i imagine my self bumping into you somewhere and you hugging me and telling me you miss me too. dont you miss me too?

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  • I feel that way about my ex:( I wish he'd talk to me again.

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