The Horrible Truth

I thought that if I just worked really hard and put my all into everything I did, I would eventually make my way to where I wanted to be in life.

The horrible truth I now realize is that sometimes, apparently for some people's situations, giving your best is not good enough.

I did try. With everything I had, in every situation. No matter what odds were stacked against me, I fought all the way. ...and it amounted to nothing.

I had no idea.

God, this hurts.

Aug 23, 2011

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  • Society perceives those who LOOK like they've "made it" as successful and good.
    In truth, there are plenty of hardworking people who will never have the right symbols of "success" and lots of losers perfecting their "I Earned This" routine (when it was Mommy and Daddy who bought it for them).
    What makes the difference? Either having money to begin with or being able to manipulate your way into looking like you have money. Career politicians and other sociopaths often have both, which is why they're considered "successful" no matter how out of touch, assholish, and basically dumb they really are.
    But hey, keep applauding the Kardashians for having plastic surgery and knowing what their best angle is for the cameras. If you ever wonder how such useless people get talked about every single day, review the first sentence of this comment.

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