My man wants me to blow him every time

My man wants me to blow him every time we have s**, which is pretty much every night. The problem is that he never goes down South. What's up with that? What happened to "Ya gotta give to recieve?"

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  • i'll eat your p**** while you suck his d***

  • Tell him to get a rib removed and suck his own d***. Just push his head down, like he probably does.

  • It would help if some of you commentators washed the crap out of your mouths before voicing your comments. There is a word called respect...look it up in a dictionary...

  • Wash your c***** and you might have a chance on him going down on you even without you asking

  • Oh s*** i guess your mom is your red button eh? cheer up man just bcuz u mother ran off with a n**** doesnt mean its the end of the world

  • more than your s*** mother has f*****? Grow up loser. You have got to be 15 or something, and need to find something better to do than try to offend strangers behind a computer screen. Up close and personal, youre probably a little p****. And youre upset because you smell, and because a woman wouldn't let you in her pants if your life depended on it.

  • i know s*** loads of straight guys (more than your s*** mother has f*****) that dont eat p**** because they dont like the smell. Ask yourself this, would you kiss someone with morning breath? no bcuz u dont like the smell. Would u eat someones ass out? no bcuz u dont like the smell. So if p**** smells u are not going to eat it out. Whether your gay (like your dad) or straight doesnt alter your nasal senses, alot people find p**** ordour offensive

  • A gay man once told me "Women's p****** are like rotting carcuses". I think you guys must be gay.

  • If you wash so frequently then why don't he go down on you.
    I think you just stink and he doesn't want to tell you because he likes you too much.

  • if i was your man i'd be eating out your p**** all day and if you'd let me id rim your a****** too

  • I wash, a******. I am very clean, and douche regularly.

  • either wash or stop going down on him

  • Don't swallow. He hasn't earned it.

  • Meh. I prefer fingering anyway.

  • It does not stink if you take a bath everyday!

  • i hear ya.. for real.

  • y dont u ask him to lickl your c***** instead?

  • yo p**** does tend to f****** smell, but i dont mind eating out a girl while im drunk

  • p**** stinks thats why he don't go there.

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