I cannot help it, but . . .

. . . every time I am around my mother-in-law, and every time I even so much as think about her, I get really aroused.

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  • I've never been lucky enough to do my wife's mother, but I've done her aunt MANY times, and I loved it every time. She's only a so-so f***, but just the idea of doing somebody so close to my wife really fires up the s**.

  • Same here. I'd do mine anytime. All the time. But it's not b***** likely to happen.

  • Disturbing. Very disturbing. You need some pro help to redirect your thoughts and to redirect your attitudes. Otherwise, you're going to blow up your wife's entire family. And yours.

  • My wifes mum is a hot piece and i would nail that ass at every chance if she would ever give it up but i don't see it happening for me. better luck on you.

  • I've banged by mother-in-law a few times over the years. We don't live in the same city (we're a bit over 2 hours apart), but that's probably a part of the reason we've never been caught: if we lived close to one another, we would probably be f****** every day and would be at greater risk of being discovered. Anyway, dude, I say go for it and work on snagging the old s***. I can promise that you'll never have any s** nearly as exciting. You obviously love her, so ........... Go get her!!

  • I have it bad for my m-i-l too. I would dump my wife in a heartbeat if her mother would give me a roll. b**** is too hot for words. damn!

  • Learn to enjoy the good sexual vibe and see it as normal but vow to never cross the line or it could be extremely devastating to your wife and your marriage.

  • I agree with ^this^ and I think you MUST do as recommended. My two cents . . . . . .

  • So, do you think she would f*** you?

  • I know she has affairs, so I know she f**** other men, but she's never shown any interest in me at all. Not ever. Not once in three years. She's sexy as all h***, but it doesn't seem likely that I'll ever taste the goods.

  • Your wife certainly got a prize in you.

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