I have a psychic power

I don't tell many people this, and as I write it it is hard for me to believe, so I can understand if some stupid skeptic doesn't believe me.

I am 17 now and at 13 I got struck by lightning. After that I got a strange smelling super power. I don't know why but I can smell religious people. I am not kidding. My power is of no value except maybe if I worked for the CIA and they needed someone to smell out those abortion clinic bombers. I would probably be a pro at sniffing them out.

My power is kinda like a curse because religious people smell bad to me like old stinky socks. I am not kidding they do. Don't know why. And if I am around a group of them it is worse. Stinks to high heaven is what it is like.



P.S. If you are a religious person reading this, you stink too.

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  • i can smell religious people too! i just press my nose very hard against them.

  • Serouisly, you can get a job smelling out for Islamic terrorist because they are also religoius.

  • Now I wanna get struck by lightning

  • Last nite I threw together a very cool mean of raw turkey breast and vegies in a crockpot. 12 hours later i realized it was unplugged and plugged it in only to eat it 5 hrs later.. and i don't feel well. Just could NOT waste food, i'm thinkin the heat should a killed all the bacteria/idk/LAME DUMB. Wow:(

  • ROLMFAO! That has got to be THE most hilarious online confession I've ever read!

  • Haven't got too much to do with our time, huh "Billy"?

  • Um, kiss my t***!

    Billy's sister Bolinda

  • Sorry Bolinda, I'm gay.

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