Whew we what a smell!

I went over to see this lady friend and we ended up on her sofa kissing and making out. I pulled down her panties and I was going to lick her before we f*****. Oh man I pulled up her dress and when that smell hit me my heart sank. I tried to finger her but that made the smell worse. It was a cross between dead stinky fish, and dirty socks , and the smell of a dirty nasty belly button. I don't know maybe her belly button was filthy also. I made my excuses and I got the h*** out of there.

On the long drive home I was super h**** so I stopped by a local adult book store and watched a couple of the peep shows and jerked off. It was a let down. I thought I was getting some good p****. She has invited me over but I have said that I was just very busy and made something up. I really like this woman but how do I break it to her that her v***** stinks like a w**** house at low tide.

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  • Don't know what everyone is complaining about. I like it stinky. The stankyier the better. I love when I can smell her c*** on my fingers the next day. I will sniff my fingers and think of her good hot wet P U S S Y all day long till I see her later and do it again. Oh Baby! Love me some stinky putty tat!

  • Sorta like when we go out then when we do have s** she likes it doggie. The smell coming from that a***.
    I need it so bad I just go with it. I know it sounds terrible but any other guys go through this and should I just get over it?

  • Http://knockedaround.boards.net/

  • My wife likes me to finger her before I f*** her. Oh man her s***** really smells like p*** and the fish market. Anyway , it stinks. Even if I wash my hands several times later in the day I can still smell her on me. Like when I'm sitting down to lunch at work about to eat my sub. The p**** is awesome though. Glad she doesn't want or like to be licked.

  • Don't eat it, just stick your c*** in it, have her clean your c*** with her mouth after you have been in her and maybe she will notice how nasty it is. I have tried this with a few ladies and they started taking better care of themselves

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