I know. People like you..

I know. People like you never sit still in anyone's life. We always promise eachother that nothing wrong is going to happen. Promise me that you won't leave me, ever. It hurts so badly knowing the truth about you. You know what hurts even more? Avoiding it, sweeping it under the rug, and lastly- pretending I don't know a single truth about who you really are. And I, of all people should have known better. My hope for you is useless because something in my mind is telling me that you're a waste. But my heart knows that's a big lie. Remember when you asked me to marry you? That was the sweetest thing, ever. And that guy disappeared THAT night. And I don't know where he went. And it sucks because, you don't know where he is either. I want to go a seprate way from you, but I just don't know how. I need someone to encourage me. I need help. Because being truthfully sincere, I'm getting addicted to you. And I hate myself for that.

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