I love you so much

I think of you every day wishing you the best. you and i are like two peas in a pod. we can talk for hours. i miss you so much. you've taken such an important place in my life when you stepped in to help me and understand me when nobody else could. you've respected me and lifted up my soul. I love you so much Lukas. problem is im 19 and youre 33...

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  • U 2 need 2 seriously f*** age dont come n 2 it

  • Like you, I too used to think age difference was a problem. I'm 19 and the guy whom I love is 30, we've been the closest of friends for almost a year and yesterday he told me how he feels about me, now we've officially started going out, my mom loves him and his family loves me as well and nobody has EVER mentioned our age difference as an impediment, it looks like the only one who ever worried about it was me, but I came to realize that if you love each other, age shoudln't matter, I'm not saying you won't notice the difference in life experience, because you will, but that shouldn't be a problem.

    I hope it works out for you two

    God Bless

  • He's my teacher... or was... before I graduated...It's not a physical thing. It never will be. He's like my uncle. I just love him. It's an attachment that I think many of us form. We're more colleagues than anything else. I mean we're on the same level. We can literally talk for hours and not realize it. Trust me our relationship is strictly platonic. he's kinda my hero. And congratulations!

    - alovelost

  • thats sad

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