Women; How many of your past partners have you fattened up?

How many of you have fattened up your previous husbands (or wives) and boyfriends? (or girlfriends)? How much weight did each of them gain while with you? Is your current partner fat?
What was the heaviest partner you've fed up, how much did they weigh? If given the chance, would you want to be with a person even bigger, or as big as the largest you've been with?

Aug 27, 2020

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  • I’ve fattened up my last 4 (3boyfriends 1 girlfriend). They gained an average of 50 pounds I’d say. 2 did not like to be weighed so not sure of exact numbers. The heaviest was around 350. I like fatness but even more I like watching the increased struggle as they get fatter and more submissive

  • Guys I date usually pack on 20lbs at least. None of them seem to mind. The biggest one I’ve been with was 350lbs. That was big enough for me.

  • I dated a 325 pounder but she was fat when I found her. I still dream about her.

  • I had an ex who bragged about putting 20lbs on everyone she dated. I could see why. After s**, we would spoon and she would cup my belly and growing mantits until I was h**** enough for another round, or dream of spending the whole weekend in her words “f****** and getting fat.” I packed on 30 in our brief time together.

  • Did you continue gaining after you and her parted ways?

  • I did,, and ended up with an encourager for a wife. It doesn’t help that I lack self control hah!

  • I have fattened my wife, she is now almost 640lbs.

  • I put about 150 pounds on my wife. She's around 400 now and I'd love to get another 100 on her.

  • Did you graduate high school??

  • My ex boyfriend got around 40lbs fat while dating me (6 months) because we would gp out and he would eat like 7 slices of pizza while i only ate 1. I really think he wanted to get me fat and it backtracked.

    I got my husband really fat when we started living together because i cook and my food is really good, but he went to a nutricionist who made a diet for him and i only cooked his diet and he lost so much weight. But this was before kids, after kids i cook simple fast foods like couscous, rice with chicken, meat stew, rice and beans, hot dog, milk rice with jerked beef. Simple and fast.

  • What weight did your husband go from to after your started cooking for him?

  • Go get some help before it’s too late

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