Not to sound bigheaded but im quite a

Not to sound bigheaded but im quite a good looking guy & i dont think id ever have s** with a ugly girl but i do enjoy masterbting while i fantasze about ugly girls. i know it sounds weird but its true. Anyone out there whose also like that or am i just the lone weirdo?

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  • Oooh!

    You're like me.

    Except I'm not exceptionally attractive...

    But, behold my confession:

  • ^^LOL^^ I know how you feel dude, cept I'm in year 10 with a girl heavier than me, which is 90 kilos. not that I'm fat, I'm 6'4 and built like Arnold Schwarzenneger. But anyway, I get a h****** and ask to go to the bathroom to j******* during class. go me.

  • I often fantasize about fat chicks as well. I'm 27 and good looking, and there is this chick I work with who is about 50, and fat. Very plain face, nappy hair. Really nothing redeeming about her at all. I get hard every time I see her walk down the hallway and go m********* in the bathroom while thinking of her.

  • From The Poster: cheers guys for all your feedback, much appreciated and very insightful (especially the 1st comment), i feel better now

  • ^^LOL^^ she does resemble a horse. Hey dude, you're not alone. I get any girl that I chose to and sometimes I still m********* fantasizing about fat or ugly girls. I have no idea why.

  • Thrill of the unknown, my friend.
    Don't feel bad about it though. Lots of good-looking guys have fallen in love with ugly chicks. Just look at Hilary Swank and her ex-husband. She looks like a f****** horse.

  • Lots of guys have fantasies about girls who look different than "the norm" or what they're told they should be attracted to. The reason for that is because our primal natures are drawn to fat people (they had a greater chance of survival than the starving cavechick) while our modern natures are drawn to thin people. Just thought you might like to know.

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