Ugly girls are superior to beautiful girls.

I'm sure you all agree with me. Ugly girls let you do things to them that a 10/10 super model will never allow you to.

I've dated 3 beautiful girls and 8 ugly girls. And all 3 of beautiful ones used to just lay like a death body and that's it. They never did anything, they hardly went down down on me.
These good looking girls are way too egoistic and prude.

Now about ugly girls. I'm aware that calling them "ugly" is mean thing to say but there's no other word.

I literally slapped on choked them to death and they took it as a champ. They were so active in bed, it made my s** life 1000 times better. Seriously, I will willfully marry a ugly girl.

Few of them even let me p*** on them.

And my current gf, who I'll probably marry, is just a freak in bed. She's mu puppy. I literally tie a collar around her neck and tell her to bark like a good bitcxh, and she does. She literally agrees to bark while I'm holding leash.

That's it. If you want to experience a real s**, try dating an ugly woman.

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  • Being ugly is terrible. I hate looking at ugly people. I get sick

  • It is, i wouldn't call them ugly but they aren't the first ones picked for the prom.
    Just different. Amazing fun fir sure!

  • That’s probably true

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