I've noticed that ugly girls are more kinkier.

I haven't dated 1000's of women to come to conclusion but from my limited s** life I've realized that girls who are ugly are more likely to do kinky stuff than girls who are very attractive.

Maybe it's because they want to prove something or maybe they think that's what everyone does. All the attractive girls I've dated usually just lay down and moan during s** but ugly girls were so much reactive and playful.

I even had one girl who agreed to wear a collar with my name written on it. Nothing fancy, just a regular collar with my name written with pen. I never though I can have anyone do that for me. She even wore it to family my dinner, luckily no one saw the name.

I have decided if I ever got married I'll choose am ugly girl over someone who is attractive and maybe my s** life would be different from regular people's.

Jun 16, 2020

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  • It’s not really a confession, but yes we “ugly” girls do stuff with boys that the pretty girls don’t do. I can only speak for myself, but it’s exactly because I’m not pretty! I’m not stupid, I know that if a boy is interested in me, he’s interested in one thing! S**! But I need to feel wanted just like any other girl. It started in 6th grade when boys would want to FaceTime w/me. They would be so nice to me, and I really liked it. But pretty quickly they would play “truth or dare” any truth was a sexual question, any dare was to show my b****. If I did they continued being nice... really nice, but if I didnt they would hang-up. Eventually the only way I could talk to a boy was f I showed him something, and then something MORE, always more. I knew they were J/O, it was so gross, but it was nice to feel wanted. Eventually they wanted to do stuff IRL and always stuff their GFs wouldn’t do. At the time I liked it b/c they would make me feed good physically, it was after he finished that I felt used. Now I’m in 10th grade, boys don’t JUST use me, I use them too. I like s**, and I’m good at it. If his pretty GF wont go down, or do “back door”, I’m happy to, but I make sure he goes down on ME first... after I get mine, you can do whatever you want! But being called a C*M-DUMP is when I just want to die! I know I’m ugly, but I am a person w/feelings. Please just be respectful to her when you find her.

  • It was sad to read this but as a guy it's now our fault either. We're hard wire to like beautiful girls and mistreat ugly girls.
    To be honest, I feel strange king of satisfaction to mistreat a ugly girl.

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