I'm 15 and I've been smoking for 3 and

I'm 15 and I've been smoking for 3 and a half years. I just got a job a few months ago so I can keep paying for it, and I really want to quit because in the 4 months I've worked, I've made absolutely nothing in profit, and I earn 400 per week!
just thought you should no.

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  • quit! being a prostite is not the way to go. and it most definitely wont help you quit smoking! Get some help while you can.

  • I meant prostiTOT (child prostitute)

  • this confession is messed up. 15 and you live on your own? but you spend all your money on drugs? How could you even live? I think this is a lie. And where would you even work at age 15? no where that you could make $400 a week, unless you're a prostitute

  • I live by myself, and I work full time, just for your info.

  • $400 a week and your 15?! what kind of job is that?! Where are your rents? What do they say when at the end of the week you have no money!

  • that's ridiculous, quit while you're young.

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