I have been neglecting my wife lately. Too much into p***, I guess. But I purposely left off the computer yesterday, and within a couple hours of spending time together, the desire came back. We f***** three times yesterday; we hadn't done that in years. And we were both SCREAMING every time we came. It was so sexy. I may shut off the computer more often.

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  • My girlfriend has a stinky p****. And like the guy who wrote about his wife, it turns me on.

  • What a sexy story. I wish my husband would try this. And before you ask, no, I do NOT have a stinky p**** LOL

  • I would love to smell your p****, just to see if it is stinky or not.

  • Does she have a stinky p****?

  • Aren't they all??

  • It's a little bit stinky...and that turns me on like you wouldn't believe.

  • What's with the screaming? Seriously?

  • I realize typing it in all caps may have been a bit over the top. I was just so excited about what had taken place.

  • ...have you ever tried watching p*** with your wife?

  • She's just not into it. And after what happened the other day, I'm thinking that may I don't need it either.

  • S** > mastubation. Two comes for the price of one.

  • Good for you!!

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