I like to photoshop faces of pretty women that I know into pornographic pictures and m********* to them. Some of them are pretty graphic. I like to have them up on my computer when they're over to visit. They can't see the pictures, but it's pretty hot to be talking to someone and see them getting ass-f***** on the computer at the same time.

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  • My mum keeps stealing all my tops cuzz she wants to buy everything like my clothing so we have everything the same but she wears them all. I have nothing to wear and I am sick of it. I buy clothing in secret sometimes to look different to her. I shop online and at thrift cheap shops and I just want her to be her own person and stop bullying me with her copycat rubbish she does and she is not going to have that other kid on a holiday with us. that child of my brothers f***** a guy over at my neighbors house across the road on their front balcony in her onesie in broad day light sitting on him bouncing up and down for the neighhborhood to see and said "you got no b**** to f*** a man like me " and she was all of 12. no way. never forgive her.

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