Utterly confused

I have been through many rocky relationships lets start with that. My main question is why are guys so into computer p*** behind their partners back?? I have been dating this guy for a while. I am 5 months pregnant with our child. I come home from work one day and find out on the computer history that he has been looking at online p*** when he comes home from his night job at 7 in the morning. He confessed when confronted and actually told me I should'nt be upset about it. It bothers me I think it is gross and I am just disgusted with him. He actually told me he masturbates..ummm gross. I am so confused and really don't know how to handle this

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  • Ok... from one woman to another. my husband watches p*** as well. it started when i was pregnant, his excuse was well im not giving him any, which was true to some extent, i could barely breath half the time let alone have s**. after the baby, i didnt have the energy or even really care enough to have s**, i was exhausted the first 2 months or so, so i didnt care that he watched it. and yes he masterbates to it as well. now, baby is 8 months. things are somewhat back to normal, and my s** drive is back to the way it was before. he still watches it, and gets off to it, and i get mad, because I want it now, and he is doing that instead of being with me. but, we have a good relationship, we have talked about it alot, and as far as i can understand, it is his version of variety. men are naturally inclined to look and enjoy many different kinds of women, it does not mean u are ugly or imperfect or unsatisfying in the least, he just needs to see something else sometimes, and honey look at it this way, at least its on his computer instead of him running off and cheating on u. it has taken me many months to come to terms with accepting it, i still dont quite understand it, but im a woman so i cant. but i know in my heart that he loves me, he thinks i am hot and sexy, and he loves having s** with me. just because he looks at p*** does not mean i am not satisfying him. i hope this helps, i had no one to tell me this, and we had to fight and argue many times for me to finally get it.

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