I got ideas for s** postions. these involve lots of people so get your h******* friends.

1- your a lady, lying down. you have a p**** in your v***** and you suck the c*** of another man, but those men are socking other men's c**** and all the men have a d**** in their ass. this is called the F*** Fountain. you can make your own fountain, but fill up all the holes.

2- this involves all men: you all stick your penises in eachother's a**** to form a line or a circle, if there are enough men. this is called a Sexy Circle.

3- you're a lady. you have a c*** in your mouth, one in your v***** and one up your ass. this is called a Hole Plugger Three Way.

4- you're a dude lying down and you're beautiful c*** is in a lady's v***** and you're sucking the v***** of another lady. the two ladies can either: make out above you, put dildoes in each others mouths or suck other men's c**** or suck on the p**** and b**** of one man. this is called the Lucky Man S** Party.

this is S** Master Mask signing off!

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  • these are not new positions. ive seen them in p***. kind of difficult to invent a new position since people have been having s** for thousands of years

  • s***... i wrote mask insted of max... i'm so dam stupid... what's wrong with me?

    you seriously saw these things in p****? i just think crazy things up when i'm board out of my mind...

    but i guess what you're saying is true...

  • yea i have seen them. Except for 1 but ive seen variations on that. as for number two, ive seen a line but not a circle. but im a chick so i dont watch much gay p***.

  • interesting enough...

    maybe i saw some of it once and i can't remember... see, my memory is a piece of crap...

    but what you said before, i looked up some p*** and you werre right... sort of, but #1 was kinda my idea, haven't seen it yet...

    thanks for the help though, the name's max, but i was stupid and wrote mask insted... when i can't sleep i apperently can't type right either...

    so you visit the site regularly?

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