** Dreams

I'm a woman, but every time I have a ** dream, it's always me who has a **, and the person I'm having ** with always has a **. It doesn't matter if the person I'm ** is a man or a woman. They always have vaginas.

I've never felt like I was supposed to be a man, like I was born into the wrong body. I feel very much like a woman. And yet, every time I even imagine ** as something pleasurable, it's always as though I had a **. It's like I pretend my own parts aren't there and I've got a set of man parts instead.

Reminding myself that I have a ** and a ** totally turns me off. It's like I can't imagine ** ever being as pleasurable to a woman as it must be for a man. So if I'm ever going to enjoy **, I've gotta have man parts.

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  • You need a ** change

  • I want to have a **, too.
    Maybe it's common?

  • It's normal, don't worry.

  • Consult a therapist usually your dreams don't mean anything close to what you think they do and this dream could be playing with your emotions making you feel like you "should" be a man. In saying that it's an actual illness that makes the opposite ** feel like they should be the other instead of what gender they were when they were born. Have a real long think about what you want before making any serious decisions you may regret later on in life.

  • they're just dreams....

  • Huh, I don't really know what to tell you. Maybe you just want the sense of power that society typically attributes to men. Who knows, but you can get a pretty decent strap-on for fairly cheap. That might be worth a try before doing anything more permanent.

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