I Wanna Do It

Sometimes I really, really, REALLY wanna do my boyfriend but both he and I are Roman Catholic and waiting for marriage... What can I do to turn the urge down a bit?

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  • How about pedophilia. It seems to work well for your priests.

  • Are you already sure you're going to marry HIM?

    If you are, there's not much point in not having s** with the guy now...just to have s** with him later, if you know what I mean. Unless some huge catastrophe happens, it's going to be the same guy in the end, know what I mean? If you're engaged/committed enough to be as good as engaged, I don't see the problem. I had s** with my partner before marriage, but then we got married. It's really not that different.

    Then again, if it means a lot to you to wait, do that. We can't tell you what belief means most to you, and neither can anyone else you know - it's a very personal thing, and all our comments are just suggestions. Hope you guys work it out!

  • be strong and dont give up; known too many girls who regretted not waiting. also, the treasure you have is for that special guy, trust God, wait and do it right, cause then will all the blesings flow

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