i love my boyfriend...i really do. but sometimes I'm insecure about us do to the color of his skin. i Want to spend the rest of my life with him and he feels the same. i don't want children but i really do but...i don't want Any black babies. i can stall him. i think.

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  • Well all i can say to this is that if u can't have his kids u should be with him. The fact that u hate his skin color is the reason so many colored people died in our history. F*** YOU.

  • hmm.....leave him alone then u stupid b**** and let a real woman WHOS BLACK get him. Trust me. H*** be better off with someone who can really love him and give him a family. Your just trash who cant get anyone in her own race. I hate b****** like you.

  • With all due respect, black men don't typically go for monogany for very long. You're best avoiding them completely, lest you want to be reduced to a single mom of a half-black kid whom others might see as a souvenir of past mistakes born of gullibility that would ever believe that just any black man could really ever settle down.

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