My family dosnt care

My family doesnt care about me i told them i think about suicide and they said/did nothing my mom remarried an had 3 more kids an left me an my 2 older sisters in foster care sisters got out they got there own places mom completely cut my older sisters out of the family while i was in foster care i thought im gunna b sum1 so i got good grades an worked out alot but i had alot of anxieties so i got outta foster care got my own place but the world was tougher then i thought got arrested an lost my place court order 2 live with mom so im livin here now im 18 an its like im not part of the family i dont eat at the dinner table i hav to eat in the living room my stepdad always says s*** like ur a f***** bum i jus wanna punch ur lights out ive gotten fat now an i hate myself i have to pay them 500 for a bedroom not including groceries thats an extra 150 so my s***** job gives me like 100 of money 4 myself i wanna kill myself an they dont care

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  • No kill yourself man. Don't let them win. Don't give them that pleasure. Your mom is a horrible person. I've been living by myself since 12 man. If I can do it, you can do it too. Work two jobs if you have to but move the f*** out of there. F*** ur mom's new hubby. He is a s*** too. Be strong.

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