My confessions

I married my wife for her big b****. I love big b****, everything about them is great. The way they hang, how they are soft, how they bounce during s**. I love them. When i met my wife that's the firt thing I noticed about her (she's a 40G natural) I REALLY loved during pregnancy and I hated that she breast fed. I am constantly feeling her up, playing with them. I mean I feel her up while she is washing dishes, I get home from work kiss her and then if no one is around get out her b**** and go to town..if the kids are home..we go to the bedroom so i can get me some boobie time

She has just found out that she has breast cancer, and will be most likely loosing her b******. I no longer want to be with her, I want a divorce. For the past two weeks i have been sucking on a friends t***..and sleeping with her. I am leaving my wife this weekend for this other woman

I do not love my wife..i love her b****..they are going and so am i.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • you're such a f***** up b******. guys can get breast cancer too you know btw. what goes around comes around

  • Is this whole f****** site trolling??

  • This is probably the weakest trolling I've ever read.

  • You are a f****** j******.. when your wife need you the most you ditch her because she wont have b****.. that is so f****** wrong.. grow the f*** up.. you obviously love her not just her b******... or you wouldnt have married her and had kids.. you really p*** me the f*** off!!!!!

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