I kinda wanna...

I have this urge to have s** with my boyfriend...

we just started dating, but he was my friend forever. it hardly feels like anything's changed. but even so... i kinda wanna f*** him. we had several sexual experiences before (NOT intercorse):

-we've taken showers together and have seen eachother naked
- he got an erection in front of me once and rubbed it against my back to make it go away
- we've slept in the same bed and usually cuddle and caress
- i get turned on when he screams in extacy and i get turned on kicking him in the b****

he told me even when we were friends that if i ever wanted s** he'd give it to me... i feel this great urge to have s** with him...

should i do it? should i wait longer? should i wait until i get married (if i ever do or get forced to do it)?


Sep 14, 2011

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  • Thats why God created them male and female for s** is a blessed gift of pleasure and procreation, why would anyone want to wait longer then nature intended?

  • Marriage is a great thing, and it is what True love is about. The people who aren't for marriage don't really believe in dedicating themselves to one person.
    -Just because some people have poor marriages doesn't mean yours will be. But it is work like stated above.

  • i say do it

  • Don't wait for Jesus to send you a man. Too many of his choices in the past have turned out to be creeps, hypocrites and pedophiles. If you're going to have s** use a condom.

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