I hate these f****** women who complain

I hate these f****** women who complain about their stepchildren. If you don't like them so much, DIVORCE THE M***********! If you aren't willing to do that, then shut the f*** up already. Nobody cares about what you feel.

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  • I agree with 100% percent =]

  • kids are annoying & usually only a mother could ever love them.

  • You know you were a child once too. Ever seen the movie stepmom? The kids are only rebelling against their father. They can't help it, their kids. The don't know any better. All they know is that their parents no longer live in the same house and that upsets them. Give them a break. Maybe you should try talking to them and getting to know them once in a while instead of sticking your tongue down their dad's throat

  • Okay, I'm the person who posted this confession.
    I'm not a young person because I'm a wife and I have two stepchildren. At first, there was difficulty with them, but I talked with them, tried to understand them the best way I could and made sure I was always there to support them... since then, I have never had a problem.
    I think that's the problem with "step-mothers", you don't make an effort to be a part of their lives, just their fathers and hence, the children create a problem on purpose for you.
    Which honestly, step-parents these days deserve a good problem.

    To the person who said "f*** you", I take it as a compliment that you would spend 2.6 seconds to post that. I'm flattered.

    To the woman who posted about her husband "chose" to be with her and the stepdaughter was an accident, I personally believe that the cheapest shot. Have you ever heard of the word abortion?

    I am to judge, I've been in the situation and been through it all.
    Half the time when kids don't like their step-parent, it usually follows suit with their parent and divorce papers are signed.
    : )

  • This problem stems from parents of the kids not teaching them to respect grown people. My parents always taught me to respect adults and if some adult tries to do something bad or wrong to you, then tell them. In this day in age it's the stupid parents that allow their kids to be spoiled and bratty and do disrespectfull things to their mate. I didn't like everything my parents did but I respected them as my parents and I never said or did anything sideways because they would beat my behind. And no it wasn't abuse. It was love. Today I'm so much more better off because they beat me for doing stupid and disrespectful things. Don't get me wrong if the step parents are being mean and evil then that's not right either becuase they are the adult and should act accordingly, but most of the problems would be so bad if the actual parent gave their kids some real home training.

  • Unless you have lived in the situation you have no right to judge... mixing families are very common and very difficult these days. But it's something alot of people have to deal with. I think people will say they dislike things about their stepkids because they tend to have less compassion for them since they are not their own biological children. Not to mention that usually kids in this situation can make an already difficult situation worse. I'm sure the poster of this thing is a young person, poss a stepchild his/herself and perhaps had a bad experience or something. I have a stepson and I do the best I can w/ him eventhough he brings alot of difficulty into my life.... we cant all be perfect all the time though.

  • A law against children. I think they have enough laws, including all the ones we follow and try to teach to them.

    What scares me is that they could eventually switch it around and make being old unlawfull. It'll be 1960's sci-fi scary then.

  • There first? My step daughter was an accident. My husband CHOSE to be with me. He didn't have much of a choice with her........

  • Parents can't let their kids treat the person that they married like an invader. And the step parent is certainly not stealing the parent away. That is just the way a child feels. When they grow up, they see it differently. When I was a kid, I hated my step father. Now that I am grown, I am very happy that my mother has someone in her life that is there for her, and treats her good.

  • Step parents need to get it through thier freakin' heads that the kids were there FIRST and they're the invader... Besides, no kid is gonna wanna get along with someone who is stealing their parent away. It takes time...

  • If there was a law against all children,there would be no human existance. Unless we were born as adults or something.

  • Kids are the root of all evel, there should be a law against them.

  • F*** YOU.

  • LOL i couldnt have said it better myself!!!!

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