Well, I have a really political family and I find it hard to tell them what I'm about to confess.
I hate america!
I hate the "president!"
and I'm sure he's a terrorist himself.
I hate the government
I hate the "first lady!!"
the first lady is ALWAYS GORGEOUS!
not some odd monkey looking m***********
I just f****** hate everything
about this f***** up country!
I want to move to like norway or something
I wanted to move to the united kingdom but
there's too many f****** terrorists that live there!
anyways, This is my confession.
like it or lump it
It's how I actually love feeling like this!
I can't feel any other way without it being a lie.

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  • Way to be grateful for all this country has for you. but hey, I don't know what kind of life you have. So i suppose you have a right to complain however you want. because you live in ...oh yeah, america.

  • Well ge tthis, America's probably the only country you have the right to say some bullshit like that in. Try that s*** in the middle east or russia and watch them blackbag your ass and dump your corpse in a ditch somewhere..

  • Haul ass...we don't want you here anyway.

  • You dum MOTHER F***** instead of complaining why don't you try to help and btw the united kingdom the whole country is a terrorist they have been invading country's since there being including Ireland India Egypt just to name a few

  • How cant You love this land so many have fought and died for it ya it has lots of problems but I don't think I could live any where eles

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