I can't stand my stepchildren!

I honestly cannot stand my stepchildren. They are 10 and 8 and probably the strangest and weirdest kids I've ever met. One of them is pretty much a f****** Forrest Gump. I really cannot stand him. He is a mouth breather, has horrible hygiene, and I can't stand to watch him eat. He also s**** and p***** his pants all of the f****** time. Gross little m***********. The girl is okay but she is a manipulative whiny little brat when she is not being tolerable. Good thing I love my boyfriend otherwise I'd be out of here. And before you go thinking I'm so terrible, not that I care, but although he loves them, he doesn't really like them either.

They're just plain weird. I'd never harm them and I care about their well being but I just needed to express how f****** disgusted I am by them and how I wish I would have inherited NORMAL, fun, not disgusting, well behaved stepchildren.

Sep 8, 2017

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  • I started dated a woman three years ago and she has two girls 8 and 10 and her kids were way out off control and would curse her out and flip her off to were she was crying and was at a loss. I was with her only few months and told her she needed to smack their bare bottoms and she could knot do it but agreed on me doing it. Day later after talking too my girlfriend the girls were act up again and swareing at their mom. I looked at my girlfriend and she nodded. That was my cue too deal with these little madams and told them bought to say sorry and they refused. I then asked them too gobto there rooms and they refused. I told them they have three seconds to apolagise too there mommy and they refused and that was it. I took the oldest one first and in a second and as shocked as she was her shorts and panties were off her and she rescived her first ever spanking. Bit off name calling and struggleing at first but she was soon say sorry to her mommy to which I saw my girlfriend smile a little and then the youngest went over my knee and she had being outside in a paddle pool and was ware a one piece bathing suit and I took it off. Same result as sister with name calling but soon after was crying and kick her legs and we had another sorry little girl. Bought then doung a little spank dance as they rubbed there little red bums and as sad three years later my now fiance and I have two mostley good girls but at times bold girls who still have their bare bottoms spanked by me and my fiance has never being happier and either have her little girls. All children need and crave discipline and I love them and my fiance very much..

  • Pipe down, people. This poster didn't say she wanted to kill her stepchildren or that she doesn't do right by them. She needed to vent. I say to go right ahead and let it out. My brother loves his wife but has demon spawn for his stepchildren. They have been married over 10 years now and have a happy marriage despite her devil spawn. It is OK to dislike or be extremely irritated or put off by children. It's not one or the other. You can have a good relationship and s***** stepchildren. Hang in there, original poster.

  • After my divorce I started dating a woman who I knew from high school. I had not seen her in years , ran into her in a shop and we started dating. Things started getting serious and after about 6 months of dating we finally decided it was time to meet the children. In less than an hour I realized I couldn't go any further with our relationship. Her children were f****** monsters! They had no manners what so ever , cursed at her like it was totally normal. In my only conversation with her oldest daughter who was twelve or thirteen , she tells me " just because you are banging my mom doesn't mean you are my dad , she has banged lots of guys and I never let any of them tell me what to do so don't get any ideas!"

    I have two kids of my own and they have their moments but at lease have manners and would never speak to me or any other adult the way these kids did to their mom. As soon as I started to call it off with her she knew right away that it was because of her children and put the blame back on me saying I just couldn't face the responsibility of being in a relationship with a single mother. No I just wasn't willing to deal with three disrespectful out of control children that you fail to correct when they misbehave.

  • So so so so so so so so so true. I had a similar situation, but you described it better than I ever have, especially about how the mother blamed you for being unable to cope. You hit the m************ nail on the m************ head, dude!!!

  • My stepdaughter is a little witch who's sole purpose is to make my life h***. She cut my hair off whilst I was sleeping once. But reading this makes me realise how lucky I am!

  • In the evenings we lock our kids in their bedroom so we can have time together. They wear pull-ups so they don't have to come out to the toilet

  • You said he's your bf, so here's some advice: don't marry him. Unless you want the WHOLE package, don't go there. Either find someone who works for you, or accept it and stop b******* about it.

  • Raising children is hard. Not enough credit is given to parents, but some parents are pretty s***** and then produce pretty s***** offspring and wonder why their kids are such terrors. They aren't yours. You're some step parent and you're with a partner that is possibly too lax with the kids. And for whatever reason, you willingly enter into a step parent position knowing this and then complain about why these kids don't respect or behave properly. Maybe because they don't like or respect you. These kids are normal for the situation they're in. You're with a lazy dad who does nothing. Kids want to spend time with their father but you're there. Who are you to them anyway? You're not their mother. Think about it. Those Kids are like that because of their parents created a f***** up environment and this is how they react. They want attention. Sounds like your bf is pretty hands off and there is no structure. Hygiene can and should be taught. And that fault is with the parents, not the kids. You can lump yourself in there too if you want to be called their step mom. Not sure what you mean by a mouth breather..is he unable to breathe through his nose? Is this child autistic or has a medical condition? You don't like them? Leave. You want change - then get everyone on board and do something. It's understandable that you're venting, but nothing will ever change and it will just get worse and there will be much more to complain about as they get older. Get mom, dad, you and step dad (if there's one) and figure out how to change it. You don't have to best friends with the ex, but you have to have a working relationship with her if you are in it for the long haul. At this point, you have a very real opportunity to break up and move on.

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