i'd sell my body if i thought anyone

i'd sell my body if i thought anyone would pay for it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • As long as you are ahaving s** anyway, why not get paid?

  • As long as you are ahving s** anyway, why not get paid?

  • Can I buy your hair. I'm balding and want some nice silky hair to wash, rub and sniff.

  • I've got 10 dollars for you I need to borrow your mouth

  • Darling don't ever feel like that. Don't ever let aybody make you feel as though you don't matter. Keep your head high gorgeous because somebody would kill to see you fall. Don't let them win. Don't lose that smile on your face, you never know. Your smile could be the reason somebody falls in love with you. I've felt that way too before but please don't actually do it. There are other ways:) You're worth so much more than money can buy

  • Yes you can sell plasma here, for about 25 bucks.

  • I got a free Warped Tour CD and a backstage pass for donating blood.

  • I'd sell my soul if I think I still had one....

  • Do places actually pay for donated blood and plasma? In Canada you give it freely, no compensation other than some orange juice and cookies.

  • I feel that way sometimes too!

  • i would buy your kidney

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