You will be the last.

I choked down a bottle of pills. It shouldn't be long before my body corrupts and dies. By the time you read this? I suppose they will be digging a hole in the world for me. I am nothing. No one. A face on the train, a body on the plane. I traveled trying to find myself. And never did. I never found myself. Who I was, so. This is my revenge against myself, crazy. I know. I figured for once in my life I'd do something for myself. I'd kill myself before my insanity cracked in half. God, if your out there, take me home?

Mar 20, 2011

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  • Please let this be real. One less drama queen in the world. It's a start.

  • If this is genuine,suicide is a sin!!

  • Darkness fills my icy soul...

  • Laughing at you gullible f**** who think this was a real suicide note. Some of you can't tell the cheesy "dark poetry" of a bored goth kid from somebody who is really going through problems, so get off that one kid's nuts.

  • I can't believe that I'm reading someone's last words.
    It's a scary thought, isn't it?
    We on this site are the last people to hear what this guy/girl said and we never even knew them.

    Rest in peace, OP.

  • Woah the child who posted about the funeral.. Rude and a troll. Get lost. Obviously, you have no life. Never speak poorly of the dead, acutely. Never speak. This person poured their heart out, this is someones last words. You also have no idea who they are or what they went through.. Positively pathetic to speak in such a low, uneducated, lame way. Really now. The "f*** off". I supposed approached rather correctly.

    May you rest in peace.

  • *to the imbecile above me. Go f*** your self. :)
    To the op good luck I hope your still alive somewhere out there..

  • I bet that no one comes to your funeral because they all hate you. It’s too bad that nobody’s going to want any of your tainted and exposed to depression stuff after you die. I hope I hear about you on the news. Now go kill yourself!

  • *applause*

  • you need to hold your head up (:
    there are may people that would be lost without you. the world will never be the same without you just stay positive and have a few laughs. Dont you want to have kids? grow up and be married? your loved and everyones here for you (:
    talk to someone and i promise that things will get better.
    Stay Strong hun
    -Dianna <3

  • I hope your still alive there is always options to help you go through what your going through now. Nothing is ever so bad that you feel you should take your life away.

  • I hope this isn't true, or your suicide attempt failed. It is a very selfish thing to do.

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