A thief...

I wish I would have just been a w**** and let you have it. Instead I fought you and begged you to let me go. And you laughed in my face. You said we weren't having fun yet. You raped me. You held my face so that I had to look into your eyes the entire time. And even as I cried you didn't stop. Now I can't hold a man's gaze. I'm paranoid and self-concious. When I look in the mirror I still see the bruised face you gave me even though it's been 3 years. And now when I lay beside the man i love I lay awake, afraid that nightmares of you will cause me to cry and scream in the night. I don't want to have to tell him about you. But when we make love too roughly I can't suppress the memories of you hurting me. You stole my virginity...please don't steal this love from me too

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  • Buuuuuuut I thought being raped was every girl's fantasy. It is on this sorry excuse for a site

  • I am going financially down. i need more money. i never have enough lately paying for courses that sarina russo, bowi or all the people who assaulted me like rick and katey and bec or joyce or heaps of others should have paid for. why can't the govt force them to pay for some of my medical bills and education and holidays seeing they had so much fun abusing me. ken should pay and rsl and leigh and anyone who wronged me should help pay the taxation should make rape victims and child abuse victims get discounts on so many things its so unfair.how are we supposed to get ahead. these people are theives, it makes me sad that god allows them to get away with it and why cant they be punished so I can see them suffer and forced to pay me back.

  • my dear how I wish I could help you. it's a shame some A-holes can make a whole gender feel ashamed. I would like to kick his ass bad. You deserve better, find a therapist if you have not or at least someone you can trust to talk too.

  • that is horrible...

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