So, I'm alone. I don't have any friends. Honestly, I'm not a dorky guy, or some sort of weirdo. I'm not even a pervert, though even perverts have girlfriends. I'm just an average guy. I play the piano, draw and film/edit videos at home. I'm 20, going to college and I'm pretty okay with how I live. There's just that one problem. I'm alone and it pretty much makes me think, 'Why can't I be with someone?' I've asked out many girls before. I've also been turned down, every single time. My whole life I've wondered what's wrong with me, or rather, why people don't like me. I try to be nice to people. It just seems like I'm destined to not have anyone in my life, though, I don't believe in destiny. When it comes down to it, I feel like there just isn't a place for me. At night I often dream of being in a world where people enjoy my company. I honestly love my dreams way more than reality. Maybe some day things will change, but for now, I'm not happy being alone.

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  • This is the poster again.

    Thanks, that helps for real. I guess the best I can hope is that one day someone will say yes. It's bound to happen eventually I suppose. It's just taking quite a while. I'll stay positive, after all there's nothing to lose. I've been alone for years already. I don't live anywhere near a Cyprus way but if I did I would be delighted to take you out.
    By the way. To the poster above, thank you for all of the nice compliments. I'll take all of the advice into consideration.

  • Hey there,

    I think what the question meant was "do you consider yourself to be good-looking?"

    Of course it's not all about looks at all. Someone could be absolutely gorgeous then they could open their mouth and you'd want to run a mile in the opposite direction! But also, when someone first meets you, it's your appearence that attracts them most of the time, not your personality. And it's true, it's of course good to be nice but too nice can sometimes be off-putting as well as it makes the person seem to predictable and we all like a bit of mystery and excitement.

    I am a 24 year old, slim, blonde, succesful (well, i have a good full-time job) woman and I have not had a boyfriend for almost 4 years! I find it hard to find someone I really like because I believe in chemistry but there have been men I really fancied and for some reason I'm still single. My close friends say that it is because I give them the wrong vibe. That I either seem like I am not interested or just treat them like my buddy and they get the impression I just want to be friends.

    So my suggestion would be to try to meet people and try to be outgoing, confident, HAPPY, positive. We women love a guy who knows how to laugh and spread happy vibes. Confidence is really important too. You may not realize it but people around you will. As soon as someone senses neediness or loniesless unfortunately they are turned off. I too am learning these bit by bit but I know that a guy that fits the above and does not look too bad would definitely catch my eye. Funny is good too!

    Don't feel depressed just stay positive! Best of luck x

    Ps. and if u ever come Cyprus way, I'd be happy to let you take me out for a drink :)

  • Wow . I'm a sucker for blue eyes people . Haha

  • Maybe you're looking in the wrong places. I don't know where you've looked, but bars, clubs, parties and such seem like good places to meet women, but if you're looking for a relationship try going new places, doing new things. When someone is supposed to come into your life, they will.

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