Not A Happy Girl

Everyone always sees me as a happy care-free girl.
I'm an active member of my church and am looked up to for advice and friendship.

A couple of years ago I was sad, depressed, and angry. It got bad enough to the point where I decided to take a bottle of pills and end it. To my dismay, I survived and it stayed my little secret. It took over a year for me to break down and tell someone. I then considered myself a happy, healthy person. I could live guilt free because my secret was out.

Lately, the stresses of life have been getting to me and after crying until I had no more tears I've finally convinced myself that I need help. Truthfully, the only thing keeping me alive right now is my fear of H***. Unfortunately, I have feeling I might get over that fear and if I don't get over my pride and get help soon it may be too late...

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  • i really want to help you but honestly i dont know how . i know it sounds stupid but i really like to help you . does it helps if you and i become friends and talk about any stuffs? maybe we can tell each other about our problems . i know this sounds weird but i'm really just trying to help . =_=" . sorry if it sounds awkward or anything .

  • Lol no it doesnt sound weird xD we can totally do that. i guess we can like email or something

  • You're welcome to try to help me if you want. im willing to listen to whatever people have to say. Hopefully you see this, for some reason it wouldnt let me directly reply to your comment

  • Can I help you?

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