more of the same

i hated myself for dreaming about someone who didn't care that i existed. i don't dream anymore but i still kind of hate myself. did i get what i wanted? does anyone ever?

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  • How about this, you are all idiots.

  • i call this banter, love. there is nothing useful or intelligent on the interwebs.

  • It's called sarcasm, love... I make jokes about people's confessions, because I think it's rather sad and ridiculous to spill your heart out to anonymous people on the internet expecting to receive useful, intelligent, life-changing comments. Duh.

  • you inflicted yourself; you could have easily written it off as bullshit but you wanted to assert superiority over "weak" people on a confession board. what does this say about you??

  • And yet, I feel inflicted with your bullshit right now.

  • op again- not weak so i wouldn't deserve suffering by that stipulation. i'm certainly not suffering anyway; that was days ago. allowing yourself to feel bad for a time gets you through things faster than a constant stiff upper lip. a little private drama is cathartic. i don't inflict others with bullshit ;P

  • op here: i'm not arguing that point but how do you know?

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