My dark fantasy

I would like to torture an eighteen year old girl. i want to make her suffer and cry. i want to hear her beg desperately for mercy. i imagine how the look of fear and pain in her eyes. i often think about what would be the best way to maximize her pain. i'd love to throatfuck her, whip her, choke her, punch her in the stomach. at the end i would like to impale her by forcing a long wooden pole very slowly up her r*****, through her stomach and all the way up until it comes out at her throat.

i know i must not act out these fantasies and i won't. but i wish we would live in times in which there would be less rules restricting my pleasure. a world in which not everything is wrong just because it gives you great pleasure.

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  • Me too bro me too

  • Repent of this egregious sin or be cast into the Lake of Fire when you die. Call on the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth now; who knows if you will be given any other opportunities to turn from this wickedness!

  • I'm praying for you

  • like i kinda have feelings like tht except i wouldnt do half tht stuff its a little crazy

  • yur a creep as well

  • Nothing wrong with that dude, I've had these fantasies for years, but never acted on it. Enjoy fantasizing having the real stuck-up b****** I encounter locked up in a basement, bringing them "down to earth" a bit.

  • You are counseling someone to do evil; unless you repent, you will spend eternity in H***. It is not your place to teach anybody anything.

  • Please seek help.

  • Wow wish I was still 18!

  • You need a doctor before you make something very bad. The most annoying is this '"18". Why exactly 18? This is very obsessive.

  • Duh ... because 17 makes it illegal and that would be bad!

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