I love belly

I am a 25 year old beautiful looking girl.i have a very strange fetish.i want to sit on a sexy girl's stomach and then i want to make her puke.i want to feel her stomach heave while vomitting with my pleasure area.but i think i will never be able to even sit on a girls stomach in my life.i feel so unlucky.

Jun 18, 2013

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  • علی هستم از تهران ،؛ هر دختر یا خانومی که فتیش داره من بشینم رو شکمش،؛ بم پیام بده ،؛ شمارم ؛، صفر نهصد و دوازده دویست و چهل و هفت شصت و یک سی و هشت

  • I also like sitting on girl's stomachs, but not making them vomit whilst under me. Trouble is I'm a middle aged male and not many young girls are willing to throw themselves under me. If by any chance there is someone reading this and would like to be my willing seat then please text or call.07740091469

  • How long you sit on the stomach of the girl? How many time in aweek?

  • I have similar fetish . i enjoy sitting on girl's belly. but i do not want her to vomit. i sit more than 1-2 hours. its wonderful.

  • Would you sit or bounce on a man's stomach?

  • Sure I would and I do. I love stomach sitting and men are better able to take my weight than women. You see I weigh a little over 150 kg or about 330 lbs. The last time Isat on a woman she only lasted 4 minutes. I sat on a guy and he lasted over45 minutes

  • I would dream of you sitting on me. I would last longer than anyone!

  • I'm a chair sit on me and enjoy yourself I'm a male

  • I guess that men are stronger than women. And many of us love the sensation of being sat on. We can take the weight better and longer than most women. I have a friend who regularly likes to be sat on by people who weigh over 300 pounds. Mostly he finds men who are willing to do just that.

  • I'm amazed at the number of guys who like to be sat on by other guys. Mostly I like to do the sitting. When I was in High Schol I Liked to sit on girls/women. And enjoyed it immensely. But then in my 20s my weight increased to about 250 pounds and has stayed there. Too heavy for the average woman. So I tried some personal ads. And a guy responded! I contacted him and it didn't bother him that I outweighed him by 100 pounds. We met and I sat on him for a considerable length of time. Amazing!

  • Why don't you just vomit on your beautiful self.

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