Sick and tired with massive anxiety

I'm a uni student, and am experiencing massive anxiety every single day of the semester. Combined with my low self-esteem, I often feel like I'm doomed and hopeless. I've been trying to seek help for this, and nothing worked so far. This has been going for years, and now I'm feeling extremely tired with feeling this way, I wish I can be a goner. I plan to put myself to an eternal sleep. I'm feeling extremely exhausted.

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  • That's not good. Stay can do it...

  • i went through the same s*** in middle school.

    los of crap happened:
    - the dcks from elementary school got into mine so i didn't have many friends
    - the homework was complicated and somewhat difficult and the due dates were ridiculous...
    - the friends i did have betrayed me
    - i was bullied
    - someone broke into my school (i live across the street and witnessed it)

    i eventually stopped going all together

    now i'm homeschooled.

    you might have seen some of my posts here:
    - Someone help me, please
    - i might go to jail for this but...
    - how do i get him to understand?

    the top is about school, the middle, S**, the third is friends & family

    i also feel suicidal at times, but i'm a lot better now and i'm taking zoloft, it really helps. i feel less anxious.

    so perhaps we can work on saving each other... but to save each other, we must stay alive... so keep on living, allright? we could save eachother...

  • I also meant to say about propranolol , it's not a quick fix but it helps reduce the anxiety to a more manageable level. I found that it gave me a chance to breath so to speak and let me live a more normal life. The relaxation hypnosis helped me to unwind and take control of the constant anxiety. Over time I was able to go longer and longer without having a bad day. Thus I was able to get back the confidence I lost. My anxiety started abruptly during a pretty stressful time on my life and I started to learn what sets of my anxiety and learned when to step back and take time out!
    Please post again if you try it and let me know how you get on- it's not a quick fix ( there isn't one) but after a month I really started to see the difference it made. I now very rarely take the tablets but it really did work for me!!!

  • Have you tried a medication called propranolol??
    I suffered for a year before I tried this.
    It's a beta blocker that is used by heart patients, but works for anxiety as it reduces the production of adrenaline - one of the main responses to anxiety attacks.
    It's not any anti depressant and does not make you drowsy and is non addictive.
    I took 1 x 40mg tablet 2 or 3 times a day and combined with relaxation hypnotism once per week for 6 months it all but removed the worst of it.
    I now only take them if I feel that feeling where I'm starting to get anxious and it takes it away within a few hours.
    See your doctor and ask them about it.
    Hope it helps

  • I don't know what I'm thinking anymore. I am feeling like a failure, intensely. I give up.

  • hey,
    ive felt the same as you. Take life easily- I know thats easier said than done. Breathe. Think logically and not emotionally. Are you stressed bc of work? carefully organize yourself and take it one step at a time. If the anxiety is preventing you from doing this seriously consider taking some xanax in the short term- it saved my life.
    courage my dear.

  • please don't kill yourself !!! what have you tried so far ??

    what is causing the massive anxiety ?? what are your issues or is your anxiety mostly biochemically based ?? have you tried going to a therapist or some kind of support group ? if not in person then what about online ?

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