Why me? Why this cliché for a title!?

One of my best guy friends is suicidal. Basically every day I have to convince him he has to live.
I'm alcoholic. I have to spend every day fighting the urge to grab a drink before and after school.
My other friend recidently went through a bad breakup. I have to comfort him and tell him there is someone else. Nobody else knows how bad it hurt him.
One of my best friends that's a girl doesn't think she's smart. I have to convince her she is and that getting an occational B is perfectly fine!
Another friend has started smoking.
Another friend likes pot.
Another friend found out she was an "accident".
Another friend's partent's are going through a divorce.

I always have been and always will be the one people come to with problems.

And my parents wonder why my grades are dropping, not including my all honors courses, marching band, drumline, and swim team. Thanks so yelling at me mom, I couldn't possibly be as stressed as you are.

Oct 10, 2011

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