I betrayed my bestfriend.

You. I betrayed you. I hurt you. I lied, cheated and stole. I'm a traitor. Always have been. Always will be. I love myself, I've learned to live who I've become. Listened to who everyone else thought I was. Now I've accepted the lable given to me, and live by it. I drive 60 on 10s, get drunk every weekend, smoke pot, ciggets, tried coke. This is me now. In less then a year. I'm not the girl you once knew, and I hate you.

I'm never going back, I've dropped out of school, spend my days with drugs and s**. I love s**. I lost my virgenty when I lost you. I cut myself until I see bone. And I f****** love it. I'm above the law. I'm better then you. And nobody will catch me.

Not before I die.

18, less the six months.

This time last year, I was innocent.
Never been raped, never touched a drug, never failed a class. Never got into the kind of trouble I'm in now. And I blame you. I'll always blame you for what you did to me. I lived by the rules. I loved you.

Now I love nobody. Never will.

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  • your sick. you need help, i pray that somebody will save you. if its not to late.

  • Your a f****** mess and it's your fault. F****** do something about it or stfu

  • Oh man. That is one depressing course of action. Why are you letting this person warp who you are ? Is that what you really want ? To play the crybaby victim who can't help herself, poor poor you ?

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