Subway lady

I have been through a lot emotionally in the recent past, and am lonely and have not had s** in 3 years.

I was on a crowded subway platform, one woman caught my eye. She had a very pretty face and seemed refined or elegant though she was dressed pretty casually.

Because of my current life, maybe I am desperate. I search the ring fingers and eyes of any nice woman I see, wondering if we would be compatible. Also I wonder how they would look naked or what it would be like to make love with them.

I lack confidence and have become a pessimist. I have never approached a woman in this type of setting, wondering if a subway would be too creepy of a place to hit on a woman as they might be concerned about their security and pervy guys or thieves, ...but I made sure I was on the same car as her. I sat first and she sat in front of me facing sideways to me. To my surprise she engaged me in conversation. Instantly I leaned towards her and we talked. I was excited both emotionally and physically. We seemed to have some interests in common, but then she made some racial comments about the rest of the passengers and how many immigrants are in the city. We are both white. Though I found her remarks distasteful I just smiled and nodded. I have friends who are black or asian etc. I wanted to ask her out but did not mainly because of this.She comes from a very white area outside the city and I think she has never been exposed to other races and cultures much. She invited me to the bar she works at to buy me a drink. I did not committ to going but asked for directions.

A) what do women think about a guy approaching them on a subway? I am clueless about women and would politely get lost if they did not seem interested.

B) Should I go out with this girl, and let her meet some of my ethnically diverse friends and hope she could see that people are people regardless of race, or should I just look for someone without these issues?

C) Does this lady want to jump my bones? I think she was after more than a friend. I will have trouble sleeping tonight fantasizing about her. I am very conservative and relationship oriented but the idea of a fling is appealing, but it seems like just using her in the other sense? Should I attempt to date her? s**** her brains out? or walk away?

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  • You have no idea what she's after unless you continue to interact with her. So you need to decide what the h*** it is you seek... a hookup for f****** or a long term girlfriend ? You have to approach either one differently. Choose and then you can get the appropriate advice.

  • That makes sense, thanks.

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