I Think Jersey Shore Is Stupid

That show is sooo stupid. All they do is party, get drunk, hookup with strangers and get in fights. They are so immature. They need to take a break from all that partying. Snooki is just dumb, like seriously. It's all fun and games for her and she never takes anything seriously. And I hate Sammi. She's so s*****. They are gonna get an STD because of all that hooking up they do. I mean seriously, why can't you just get a girlfriend and have s** with her whenever you want instead of hooking up with s**** from the club. Vinny is the only exception. He is more mature than the rest of the cast. I'm like 10 years younger than them and I am more mature than them. They need to grow up.

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  • The reason this has no comments and only two hearts after over 8 years is because you expressed an intelligent opinion on a site used almost exclusively by retards. "Forget" how to spell, bash out some lying textwall about s******* Snooki or going to Vegas with The Situation, and these moron's would've heaped all kinds of love on this post. That's the intellectual level we're dealing with here.

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