Sister in Law

Before my wife and I found each other and started dating I used to mess around with her older sister, who I knew from school. We never dated seriously but would occasionally have great s** in every position imaginable. Anything goes, from being on top to a*** to you name it. She was always very free and open to whatever I wanted to try on her.

So anyway I started hooking up with her younger sister and we eventually got married. The s** with her was not as free and uninhibited as it had been with my now sister in law and I would have a few too many drinks and flirt with her some. She was always very cold to the idea of hooking up again. She was married within a year of us and things became very awkward. Her husband never said anything to me but sure he knew.

So I wanted to get this off my chest. I always felt really guilty about getting wasted and making a move on my sister in law, repeatedly!!

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