I want to have a 3 way with two men but

I want to have a 3 way with two men but I don't want my boyfriend to think I'm a s***. But I would love to have 2 men in side me at the same time. One in my ass and one in my pu**y.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Like siteshrink said a staright man will never b that close to another mans d***

  • me too, but I wanna suck one d*** while the other f**** me.

  • Let me know I'll shoot you my e-mail

  • I'd like to be one of those men

  • me too!

  • A straight guy WILL do it! My bf and I did it with another man..who cares, he wasn't s******* the other dude

  • Chances are that your man would freak, and think that he wasn't pleasing you and start worrying about you cheating. I say that you let this fantasy go before it ruins your relationship.


  • You have to discuss everything with all 3 of you so the boyfriend understands its about exploring s**, not love. If he has a fragile ego about his sexual abilities he may have issues with the threesome.
    I've done it twice. Both in general were pretty hot. We didn't do what you described, but I enjoyed the DP both times.

  • I think your best bet would be to get two bisexual men. I don't think two straight men would want to be that close to another mans d*** while having s**.

    Also the d**** thing sounds like a good idea


  • My fantasy also...

  • I think it would be awesome to have that feeling but I'm not into threesomes. Maybe it would be just as good if I used a d****.

  • Not me!

    My boyfriend gets the job done perfectly, thank you very much.

  • Me too.

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