Life happens....... i am a 37swf with 3 16 one 12 one 5....i never been married....and i only ever dated married men.....i date married men because i love them.....sometimes i wish i had a man of my own but mostly i love the relationships i have.....but i know that even if i got married i would still f*** other men......

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  • I don't find TAKEN men appealing.
    I only find my man appealing, but not other men.

    What's wrong with you? Can't you find a man for yourself

  • God, yes, there are plenty of men who would love to lock me up and keep me at home for them. I could even have one or more of the married men I've been with, and they would happily leave the b**** they're married to and come to me, full-time and exclusively. But I love the way it feels to take some other woman's man. THAT is a challenge, and THAT is a win. I love it. And they love it even more. Thanks for writing me!!

  • You are not the OP. You know how I can tell. Your grammar is much better. The OP does not even know that the word "I" is capitalized.

  • Your grammar and punctuation is atrocious!

    I'm not surprised you're f****** married man and have three children to different father's! What a dumbass you're!

  • Tranny^

  • I have, obviously, a different perspective and I'm actually thrilled and proud to have three children by three different men. I think that is HOT!

  • Again, you are not the OP.

  • I like married men, too. I can't say I prefer them, as such, but they have their own charms and delights, particularly the fact that they are willing to leave their wives to come get with me. THAT s*** is SEXY!

  • Yes, you understand totally! Knowing that they are voluntarily coming to me to be with me, instead of their wives, God that is just so fulfilling. It's a victory!!

  • Do you realize just how selfish it is to have children who don't have their father involved. I don't care if you f*** every married guy that will stick his d*** in you but why not be responsible enough not to get pregnant. I feel for your children.

  • I love my children and they love me. Paternity means nothing in this society. Haven't you heard? The Future is Female.

  • The future is more equality dumbass

  • Guys, shut up and stop bashing her. This world needs more s**, in my opinion, anyway.

  • That's all this world is about - s** s** s**! Everything is sexualised; in the media, music videos and social media. And s** isn't a priority for fucksake!

  • Oh I'm not bashing on her, I think she should come suck my c*** too.

  • More s** less babies

  • The number of babies I have was intentional. I wanted three and that's what I got. I might have another, but I might not.

  • Oh, so you're a s***. Well I guess everyone has to have a hobby, yours just happens to be spreading your legs.

  • LOL. I'm not offended by the word "s***". In fact, I'm kinda flattered by it. Thanks!

  • Condoms, birth control, and if that does not work abortion. well done 3 kids with no father around.

  • I'm on the pill. But sometimes........I choose not to take it. :)

  • Well hopfully you are the one paying for them rather than leeching off three different people

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