Heart Breaker

To get back at men I don't like or even just random men I make them fall in love with me then I drop them cold and break there heart. I keep in contact with them and they all still love me but I just ignore it and make them want me when I just don't let them have me. It doesn't make me feel guilty I actually kinda find it funny.

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  • You're going through a "F*** all guys" phase. Some men did you wrong, so you're dishing it back on men who did you no wrong at all. I get it. You think all men are scumbags. But what if you just passed up one of the men who would treat you right if you gave him the chance? When you get over this phase you'll hate yourself for it...trust me I've been where you were. You don't feel guilty now, but you will when you realized how much time you wasted getting back at men instead of actually looking for someone who will treat you right or at least something productive.

  • I had a thing for virgin chubby girls. It started in my teens and I tried to get as many virginities I could. Once I had them broken in well I moved on. I did this in school and later in collage. I had more than one staggered dates. I have taken three virginities in one day, I thought a personal best. Shower after each and move to the next.
    One girl who I found very sweet and a virgin, fell in love with me. I had feeling for her, we dated for some time. When at a school basketball game I kissed her. Two girls told her I would dump her when I was finished. She ask me and I confessed like a fool. she dumped me and I loved her very much. I wanted to get married to her. I purposed and she was worried i would just string her along.

  • You really should be ashamed of yourself. If your parents knew what you were doing, they would be ashamed of you.

  • W-H-O-R-E

  • you. are. garbage. trash. filth.

  • Very sexy. I love what you're doing. And I love you. I totally love you. And I'm a man.

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