My pure girlfriend

Im 16 and i have a girlfriend who wont have s** with me i asked her why and she said i dont know if your the one. what the f***! ive been with you for 3 years and you dont i love u. after that she started giving me hand jobs but i know im missing out wat should i do?

Nov 6, 2011

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  • Your 16 you shouldn't have s**, specially if you don't know how to.

  • Grow up. You are 16 for christs sake. Try learning to seperate your hormonal and your emotional needs.

  • Reply from poster: i was raised the christian way but i learned that its a bunch of crap so i only started thinking about it a few weeks ago

  • Why did you stay with her for THREE YEARS if she won't have s** with you but that's what you are after ? I don't get it.
    Haven't you both been TALKING at all the past three years ?!?!

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