I miss him

I miss him so much. I didn't do anything, just out if the blue he dumped me. I didn't cry though. I want him back. All i do is day dream about our past. He told me to cherish those memories cause he will to. I've told him i never stop thinking about him, after i told him that he's been careful with me and very nice. Almost like it never happened.

Nov 8, 2011

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  • Next day, after the above dirty things, I started to keep my d*** in between her b**** and started to shake it and c** on her chest. Although she didn't like it, I washed it by taking her to my bathroom. When I told her to suck my d***, she didn't agree. I didn't talk to her for 2 days and then she told me that she would only kiss it on the bud.

    After few days, I made her to suck my d*** as well and cummed in her mouth. Although she didn't like the taste, she used to suck my d*** and lick around my d*** and suck the b**** as well like a s***.

    For all these days, she didn't ask me to f*** her. One day, I decided to taste her p**** and removed her underwear. What a surprise, it was clean shaved for her husband and for me. I started to kiss her c******* and used my tongue on it. She was enjoying like anything and the fluid from her vaginal opening started to come drop by drop. I tasted that as well. It was not tasting bad. I started to lick around c******* ad labium majus and minus in a circle.

    You should have seen how she was enjoying it and she was trying to insert my head inside her vaginal opening. After some time, she told me to stop it as she reached the climax. I didn't leave her and continuously doing it. After 2 minutes, she told me that she was feeling unconscious. I was afraid and left her by offering her water and coffee.

    For 3 years, we had s** like anything and f***** her and done all dirty things which she would have never enjoyed with her husband as well. She enjoyed my d*** for 5 years. Then, her husband got transfer to somewhere, but she wanted me to come her place and start doing dirty things. As I was about to marry a girl, I disconnected the number and ended that relationship. I am happy with my wife now. However, those days are golden days which I wont get from my wife as well.
    Hope you enjoyed.


  • My First S**

    When I was working in a MNC, I was staying in a flat. One of my neighbor's wife used to talk nice to me and supply food when I was in the night shift. This way, we became friends and talk to each other. She used to put lipstick and shampoo most of the days when she comes to my flat. Although she was sexy and 10 years senior to me, I didn't see her as a sexy object. One day, she asked me if I have any girl friend in my office. I said no and told the reason that I would fall in love with her and had to marry her then. She agreed the reason and was telling that she never used to talk to anyone apart from me as people would mistake easily. I told the same reason why I don't speak to girls much. After few days, we were arguing about something and I didn't speak to her for 2 days. When she called me, I told her that I wanted to talk to those who makes me happy and not to quarrel with me. Then, she disconnected the call.

    Next day, she called me and started to cry saying that she was talking to me in a friendly way, but I wanted to talk to those ladies who makes me happy sexually which she won't agree after developing friendship with her. Actually, my intention was that I didn't mean I wanted someone to satisfy sexually and keep me happy, but I wanted to talk to someone to whom I can happily interact.

    As she misunderstood me and her reaction was not angry to that, I started to see her in a sexy way. Then, I didn't talk to her much although we smile with each other. One more lady was there who started to me. When she noticed this lady talking me, she came to my house and told that the new lady with whom I started to talk was not good in character. I told her that I didn't speak to the new lady in that manner or seeing her as a sexy object. She told that she wanted me to be a clean person as every lady wanted to have s** with such a person.

    It was very shocking to me and I was very happy. I started to touch her started to kiss her on her face.

    One day, I gave a lip kiss which she was enjoying a lot and forgotten what was happening. I noticed this and started to touch her back and b**** and stomach on that day. Next day, when I tried to kiss her, she told me that I touched her private parts while kissing which may lead to full s** one day. As I didn't want to leave her like that, I told that I would take care that. Then, I started to give lip kiss and this time, I made her to hold my erect d*** which is 7 inches. She was squeezing it. As she can hold her d***, I started to touch her p**** and started to rub it and kissed her stomach as well.

    Next day, I started to the do the same with her and removed her tops and bras. She told me by crying that not to rape her as she wanted to be honest with her husband. I told her that after these many days, there is nothing left other than f****** her. Then, I started to suck her b****. She was enjoying the pleasure like anything which I didn't see in p*** websites till date. I thought it was enough for that day.
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  • My First E**********

    I started at the age of 10 when fluid doesn't come. When I was studying 6th grad, it came with 2 drops. Once guy of 4 years senior to me touched my stick when we were talking to each other in his house. He started to touch my thigh and put his hands on my stick gradually. As I understood what he was trying to do, I allowed him to enjoy the pleasure. Then, he rubbed it and took it out and rubbed the bud after removing my underwear. He kissed it and licking for some time. I was not able to hold my pleasure and cummed. Although it was just 2 or 3 drops, he didn't waste it and tasted it. I asked what was it he tasted? He answered that it was just a fluid which comes of everybody at this age and kissed me and told me to put my underwear. Then, he used to gift me whatever I ask as he was afraid that I would disclose it to anyone. I thought it was just an incident. However, when I was studying 12th, 3 married women from my street on various occasions used to m********* my stick by calling me to their house giving me breakfast and other snacks. I don't why they took advantage of me. Was it due to I am fair or something? However, the interesting incident was one women told the exact dialogue. "I have never accepted to suck my husband's stick as of date, but I like your stick very much" and kissed my stick like crazy and sucked the b**** and her tongue work was amazing around the bud of my stick. I don't think my wife would give that pleasure once I am married. I don't mind die in my life without marrying any girl as I had enjoyed my s** life very much. I think my stick is very lucky

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