I liked our chat, but I know you'll be dead soon

I loved talking to you, and it was brilliant to speak to a complete stranger the other side of the world who knew exactly how it felt to be depressed and considering suicide. It really helped me, but then you told me you were going to do it that very same evening. I should have told you I didn't want you to, but I didn't want to come across like some kind of do-gooder. I hope you're okay, and I hope you watched the movie I suggested.

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  • You didn't want to come across as some kind of 'do-gooder' so you thought it expedient that some other person, for whom Christ died, should lay violent hands upon himself?!
    The Lord rebuke you and bring you to repentance before it is too late, and you enter into the eternity of eternal damnation which you so casually sentence others to suffer!
    "I will demand the life of any person who kills another person". Genesis 9:5

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