D*** Cheney. I, in a way, want to have

D*** Cheney. I, in a way, want to have gay s** with him. I am 110% serious, too. I mean, I'm a 30yo GWM and would be an extreme Democrat if I were American (I'm Canadian). But, I dunno... the solid bull dog with all his self-confidence and his years of experience just kind of turns me on. I get an adrenaline rush where I get frustrated because I want to see him in a sexual position with me... a gay one. This is no joke. I want that old man kind of. Well, maybe not (?). Ah, I don't know (?). Sure, why not, right? Just once at least. *sighs*

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  • guy/gal who wrote three paragraphs:

    do you believe in evolution? ya big >:?#

  • Excuse me, but being gay is NOT wrong. Altho I am not gay many close and well - loved family members are gay.Please respect everyone

  • you put the most horrific picture in my mind!

  • ^ Glad you said that else I'd have had to lay into him.

  • Hmm, in order to spite the above poster...

    Take up masturbation.


  • Being gay is wrong. All this political correctness is just that: political correctness. Gayness is wrong biologically and spiritually. Meaning, homosexuality does not keep life going and it violates the commands of God who desires that a man and a woman join together to represent God's nature.

    Homosexuality is another example of a human race bent on doing whatever it wants and labelling those who label it as wrong as being homophobic, hatemongers, narrow-minded, and intolerant. I'm far from perfect, but I recognize God's will that homosexuality and other forms of sexual sin, such as p**********, adultery, pre-marital s**, and masturbation are wrong. But the human race is quite tolerant, no, quite congratulatory on these sexual sins. We promote it and endorse it.

    But there will be a reckoning, a day of judgment when God will judge in truth and justice. The Bible still stands: turn from your ways and receive forgiveness from the merciful Lord.

    It doesn't matter if it's D*** Cheney or whatever. Homosexuality is wrong, along with those other sexual sins.

  • maybe it's not just him. it could be that you are gay and just want a man, period. go find one and find out!! i bet you'll have fun!!!!

  • thats disgusting

  • wtf

  • ewwwwwww that sounds wrong

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